Social Media Manager 4 Facebook Foundation

Social Media Manager 4 Facebook Foundation

Social Media Manager 4 Facebook Foundation | 705 MB

Develop your Facebook page for more Likes and Engagement. Understand Analytics and Advertising for more sales and clicks

This course is for those that want more likes and engagement on their Facebook Page, who feel there is more to discover or who want to set up their Facebook properly as the first 30 days are crucial. Also those who want to use analytics to increase engagement (comments and shares) of their status updates. Do you need to understand Facebook Optimisation (FBO) such as Last Actor 50 and how to leverage it? We also cover Facebook Advertising and 3rd party platforms, adding Instagram and YouTube to your Facebook Page and so on.

  • Create your Facebook Page (tips of what to avoid)
  • Understand and leverage Facebook Optimisation (get in the Newsfeed!)
  • Get more Likes and Engagement (shares and comments)
  • Use Facebook Analytics and write a report.
  • Create Facebook Ads and Understand the marketing intelligence
  • What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 16 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Create a Facebook Page and Understand the Importance of Correct Creation
  • Develop a Conversation Diary and Programming Schedule for More Engagement
  • Create and Manage Ads on Facebook
  • Write Measurement Reports on Facebook Insights Analytics
  • Understand and Leverage FBO (Facebook Optimization) for more Newsfeed engagement
  • What is the target audience?

  • Small Business that manage a Facebook Page
  • Virtual Assistants that want to manage a Facebook Page for clients
  • Social Media Managers looking for more in-depth knowledge
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