Social Media For Photographers

Social Media For Photographers

Social Media For Photographers | 1.38 GB

"Take your social media efforts to new heights with rock solid advice from Colby Brown, a landscape, travel, and humanitarian photographer, who has become one of the most followed photographers on the Internet. In this class Colby gets you up to speed on the hottest social media networks for photographers and explains not only why they are important, but how you can start developing a social media strategy that is smart, efficient, and enables you to attain your goals."
Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 04:20)
Lesson 2: Dealing with Noise (Duration 06:08)
Lesson 3: Facebook (Duration 12:32)
Lesson 4: Google+ (Duration 10:30)
Lesson 5: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (Duration 11:32)
Lesson 6: LinkedIn, Flickr, 500px, and Stipple (Duration 08:09)
Lesson 7: Developing a Strategy (Duration 08:19)
Lesson 8: Social Media Q&A (Duration 12:09)

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