Blend Conference 2014

Blend Conference 2014

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This conference features 60+ diverse speakers sharing ideas and conversations about user experience, design, & web development. We focus on a diverse speaker lineup and connecting face-to-face with other humans.
September 11-13, 2014 Charlotte, NC

A Slightly Different Spin on Web Conferences

We`ve spent a good amount of time curating a diver speaker lineup and think you`ll really like it. We also have a no-device policy that restricts the use of mobile phones, tablets, and computers during speaker sessions. Instead we provide each attendee with a custom, hard cover notebook and pen.

One of our primary goals in any sponsorships are to create something that`s both interesting and fun for the attendees and beneficial for you as a sponsor. Here are a few examples of things we came up with last year:

* A local chocolate artisan created custom chocolates in the form of all of the Adobe icons, foiled them, with a custom label. Inside 3 chocolates were golden tickets for a free 6 months of Adobe Creative Cloud. The attendee`s loved it.
* Since we have a no-device policy we created a custom journals with a custom insert for Mailchimp and printed up 9 custom Mailchimp stickers (think banana stickers). The stickers were placed on the healthy fruits in the snack room. Some were more rare than others. Attendees collected stickers as they ate fruit to complete their sticker page.
* Treehouse sponsored 15 of our university student volunteers. They became Treehouse helpers and made sure everybody enjoyed the conference, found where they needed to go, made sure all of the speakers got set up.


How to Make Sense of Any Mess
Alex Gaynor

Beyond MVC
Allison House

Start at the Top: Getting Your First Design Job in Tech
Ben Lehnert

Love & Trust – What we know about relationships holds true in products
Brad Weaver

How to Do Great Work Without Losing Your Shirt (and Soul)
Cat Noone

Love & Trust – What we know about relationships holds true in products
Chris Coyier

SVG is for Everybody
Clarissa Peterson

Responsive Typography
Clinton Dreisbach

Full-Stack Clojure
Dan Denny

Responsive Email Design and Tooling
Darcy Clarke

You, Me & the Future of Online Video
Diana Lucaci

Neuromarketing: The Next Generation of Customer Intelligence
Eric M Suzanne

Sass Map Magic
Garrett Johnson

Reaching asynchronous cloud nine in javascript
Greg Hoy

Work is the Magic Bullet
Heather O`Neill

How Usable Are You?
Heather Payne

Lessons Learned from Teaching Thousands of People to Code
Jason Toth

More Than UI: How the Brand Plays a Role in the User Experience
Jason Hunter

API Anecdotes and Aspirations
Jen Myers

Shepherding Unicorns: How to be a Good Web Mentor
Jennifer Pahlka

The Future of Interfaces to Government
Julia Elman

To The Moon And Back: Taking the Leap Towards Solving Big Problems
Kimberly Bryant

Black Girls Code
Lisa Maria Martin

Polishing Your Content Publishing Process
Mark Boulton

My Handbook
Mark Shropshire

Building Modern Web Applications with Meteor
Martha Girdler

Teaching with javascript
Melissa Avery-Weir

Simple Accessibility: The Bare Minimum for Compassionate Development
Michelle Salater

Sell Your Story, Grow Your Business: How to Create Engaging Content That Attracts and Converts
Mike Monteiro

How Designers Destroyed the World
Moses Ngone

The Web Developer`s Toolbag
Netta Marshall

Good Design for Good Reason
Nicole Fenton

Interface Writing: Code for Humans
Nora Richardson

Designing for a Brand Aware-less Customer
Pamela Pavliscak

Design for the One Little Thing that Changes Everything
Rachel Ober

Team Communication Through Code
Rebecca Murphey

Ain`t No Party Like A Third-Party JS Party
Scott Stroud

Designing for Love
Scott Hanselman
Azure for non-Microsoft People

Sophie Shepherd
Designing for Clients: Working Together For The Health of the Project

Stacey Mulcahy
Hardware for a Soft World

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