LinuxCBT Moni-Zab Edition

LinuxCBT Moni-Zab Edition

LinuxCBT Moni-Zab Edition
English | mp4 | H264 1356×766 | AAC 2 ch | 4 hrs 8 min | 647 Mb
Genre: eLearning

Course Objective

Intro to Zabbix Monitoring Environment

Introduction – Zabbix – Features
– Discuss features and benefits
– Explain supported protocols
– Discuss polling mechanism
– Explore Zabbix process architecture
– Examine simplicity of deployment
– Identify target Zabbix HOST
– Explore classroom environment

Zabbix Installation
– Identify and obtain packages
– Install Zabbix server for MySQL
– Install Web Front-End
– Explore package footprint
– Identify key configuration files
– Install Zabbix Agent where applicable
– Explore Agent configuration directives
– Setup Agent environment
– Evaluate configuration

Web Front-End
– Ensure dependencies are met
– Install and configure Web Front-End
– Correct problems during installation
– Access web interface
– Update default credentials
– Briefly peruse web front-end environment
– Prepare for general usage

Monitor HOSTs
– Identify targets for monitoring
– Obtain and deploy appropriate agents
– Debug configuration as needed
– Add new HOSTs to Zabbix monitoring environment
– Identify broken dependencies
– Rectify problems as they arise

SELinux Integration
– Debuge CentOS SELinux problems
– Identify AVC errors related to Zabbix
– Propose workarounds
– Implement workaround on SELinux-enabled HOSTs
– Confirm changes have positively impacted the configuration
– Evaluate and discuss findings

Notifications Logic
– Explore defaults
– Invoke service failures
– Debug missing messages | notifications
– Enable message deliveryI
– Discuss applicable message notification components
– Unfail services and debug messages
– Fail services and identify messages
– Contrast scenarios and discuss applicability

Maintenance Window
– Discuss benefits
– Identify configuration interface components
– Define maintenance window with recurring schedule
– Examine notifications delivery response as a result
– Contract maintenance window to impact notifications delivery
– Evaluate system response
– Discuss and explain behavior

DevOps | Operations User Definition
– Discuss benefits of offloading responsibilities
– Define DevOps user with appropriate privileges
– Assign requisite permissions as needed
– Confirm DevOps access to Zabbix
– Alter Super Admin`s notification schedule accordingly
– Test message | notification delivery to DevOps
– Evaluate setup

Zabbix Reports Overview
– Discuss available reports
– Identify available reports
– Peruse SLA reports
– Discuss possibilities for bar reports

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